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Together - by Pieter U Hendriks

This is a recording of the first concert of what was supposed to be a tour by Theodorakis and Livaneli.

However right after the concert Theodorakis was hospitalized due to failing health and the tour was cancelled. None of that is apparent while listening to this cd .

I have never been a fan of Theodorakis singing his own songs as he has done frequently the last years, but this concert was something special and the atmosphere probably inspired Theodorakis to sing with much more power and conviction then can be heard on other recent albums.

Even the playing of the ensemble of Yannis Zotos that can be excruciatingly boring here shows signs of inspiration which may be the result of the collaboration with the turkish musicians.

Some of the Livaneli songs also appeared on the album he recorded with Maria Farantouri and can now be heard in Turkish by the composer himself. If you like Theodorakis you will probably have affinity with Livaneli's music as well, listen to Karli Kayin Ormani (a beech wood snowy white) and you will know what I mean (try to find Farantouri's version as well, its wonderfull).

There is one new Theodorakis song on this album called Kerem with text by Nazim Hikmet. Its sung by both atists together as is the famous Imaste Dio (the two of us).

All in all its one of the better cd's with Theodorakis singing his own music and a good oportunity to get to know Livaneli if you didn't allready.

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